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3d scanning and design upgrade

     As you may already know, I've been exploring the benefits of some exciting new 3d scanning technology in the context of tattoo design. This hardware allows me to capture each individual client's unique proportions and preexisting tattoo work, giving me the ability to design more effectively, creatively and accurately for every project. 


     The value of this technology and what it can do for the tattoo industry as a whole is massive. Now that I have access to these new tools I sincerely can't imagine going back. In going forward, however, I would love to continue to improve this process in any way I can. This will hopefully include educating other tattoo artists so that they and their clients can benefit from this as well.


     The hardware I currently use is impressive and is working as expected. But the process is very time consuming and has many challenges. Scaling this process up to include every new customer has become quite an undertaking. And the possibility of expanding that to include other artist's needs would certainly be impossible. As could be my future plan of providing educational seminars on the process.


     Which is why I am looking to upgrade the scanning hardware. The technology I am hoping to acquire should be able to handle much higher volume and scale in a fraction of the time. But this hardware is unsurprisingly very expensive. This is why I am exploring the possibility of a kind of crowdfunded option. If you’re here and you’ve read this far, I appreciate the time you’ve taken. If you’re still interested, please read below for the details of the project.

Discounted rate for full payment up front 

     Anyone who is able to pay up front in the amount of $5,000 will receive $6,000 worth of session time. To put this into a bit of perspective, 5k would normally pay for 20 hours of work(not including state sales tax). 6k would be a bonus of 4 hours for free. This would be ideal for clients looking for large scale projects. Sleeves and back pieces can easily take up to this amount of time and beyond. This offer is not limited to new clients only, existing projects are eligible. As are groups of two. If you and a friend want to split the cost and split the hours, that is ok. 



     Please keep a few things in mind. I only need a small number of people to make this work. I am looking for 5 to 6 prepayments in total. If I don’t get enough offers, I won’t be going forward with it at all. And if I reach 6, that will be the end. And I will not be able to begin any of these new projects until Spring 2022. 


     If you are interested in this offer, please email me at the address below with the subject line “3d Crowdfunding”.


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